Our School

Baden Public School is a beautiful building in a lovely setting. Bright classrooms, many windows and warm heritage colours are unique features, enriching the learning environment for our students. The design of the two-story building incorporates aspects of local architecture noted in the nearby Castle Kilbride.

Baden Public School is the result of the amalgamation of three much loved Wilmot Township schools: North Wilmot, Wilmot Senior Public and Baden Public. This facility offers an enhanced learning environment for just approximately 605 students from junior kindergarten to grade 8. We also have a Life Skills program and French Immersion to grade eight. We are proud of  our bright open concept library with its many windows. Students enjoy our spacious double gym. The organization within the building is functional with many of the classrooms clustered around common pod areas that are shared for a variety of learning activities. We also enjoy our partnership with Creative Beginnings, a daycare facility included in our school.

At Baden Public School our goal is for students to learn the skills for success in life. Respect is the cornerstone of all our interactions. Students can enhance their educational experience through the numerous extra-curricular activities that are offered.

We value the strong partnerships with our community, and appreciate the support from parents and community members as valued partners in the educational journey. Together we build a better future!

School Vision

As a Baden School Community we learn together, we care, and we respect ourselves, others and the environment.

Baden Belief

Believe in Yourself, Always be Respectful, Do Your Best, Everyone Matters, Never Give Up!  Buddy the Bulldog agrees!

School Mission Statement

Baden Public School provides each student with the opportunities to develop his/her potential as an individual and as a contributing member of society who will think clearly, feel deeply, and act wisely.

The school co-operates with the parents and guardians in facilitating the academic, emotional, cultural and moral development of our students with the premise of mutual respect being first and foremost in a safe and secure learning environment.

Our Students

Baden Public School is home to about 600 students in junior kindergarten to grade 8. We currently have 29 classes including French Immersion and a Life Skills class.

Upon graduation, the majority of our students attend Waterloo Oxford District Secondary School. Some of our students qualify for special board programs at other secondary schools such as the Integrated Arts program at Eastwood, the International Baccalaureate program at Cameron Heights and the Fast Forward program at Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary School.

Our Staff

Baden Public is proud of our talented and energetic team of teachers, paraprofessionals and support staff who are dedicated to supporting our students achieving their fullest potential. They are focused on preparing them for a lifetime of learning by giving them the knowledge and skills they need to experience success in life. Our teachers take pride in their profession and many of them hold specialist certificates in their areas of expertise.

Our teachers plan and implement quality programs based on the Ontario Curriculum. Teachers work collaboratively to plan programs and strive for consistency at each grade level and a learning continuum across grade levels. Our teachers strive to use a multi-disciplinary approach to address diverse learning styles. Professional growth and learning are important to teachers at Baden and many of our teachers provide leadership at the school and board level.

Baden also has a small team of educational assistants to support learning in the classrooms and aid in the delivery of our special educations program. Our efficient office staff provide greatly appreciated assistance to staff, students, parents and the community. Our library clerk and itinerant librarian keep our resource center up to date and help both students and staff access information. Our dedicated custodial staff work hard to keep our building clean and inviting.

Parents and Community

Baden School Council is made up of devoted parents and school staff. We meet several times a year in the school library at 7:00 pm. Meetings are open to all parents and guardians of students who attend Baden as well as any interested community members. The School Council works together with staff to ensure a high quality of education in a positive and nurturing environment.

Academic Programs

Baden Public offers a wide variety of challenging programs. While all teachers are dedicated to the development of essential skills in literacy and numeracy, Baden students receive a vibrant program that focuses on the development of the whole individual. Our Science and Technology program has a networked multimedia centre and a collection of woodworking equipment and tools. Our library and the lab form the hub of the school. We pride ourselves on the technology that our students use on a daily basis to enrich their learning experiences. In addition, Baden students are involved in an outstanding music program. Our art program is second to none as is evident in the displays of student work in our hallways.

Special Education Programs

Student services at Baden are provided by a variety of professionals. Baden Public’s Special Education Resource Centre is a busy and productive place. Our four Special Education Resource Teachers (SERT), and our Educational Assistants help students achieve their academic goals and keep their organizational skills on track. Student services are aimed at providing students with the strategies and resources to support individual learning differences and to develop the self-advocacy skills necessary to maximize personal success. We have also a Life Skills area class,  that is constantly active within the community. This class runs a Tuck Shop during lunch hours, and co-ordinates special treats for sale for the entire school.

Safe Caring Inclusive Schools Initiative

A safe school is conducive to learning and teaching with an environment that promotes responsibility, respect and academic excellence. Baden Public strives to maintain a safe environment through our respect initiative and code of behaviour. Behavioural expectations are communicated to students and parents through our school planner. Students learn about expectations for behaviour through our  class meetings and through daily interaction.

Classroom Organization

About 605 students attend Baden Public School. We have 29 classes – junior kindergarten to grade 8 and 1 Life Skills class.

Facilities and Resources

The main floor of Baden Public is formed around the library. There is a second floor which houses junior and intermediate classes.  Portable classrooms are home to our grade three, four, and five students. The outside facilities include a large side field with soccer and football posts as well as basketball nets and tether balls. Our gymnasium has a modular stage and a sound system for student presentations.

Clubs and Activities

Baden PS is a very busy place! Sports teams run each season for both boys and girls. Our football, volleyball, and basketball teams compete with other schools in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge. Ski Club goes to Chicopee during the winter months. Students take on leadership roles in the life of the school; the Athletic Council organizes Intramurals and the Music Council organizes choirs, band, Arts showcase and various presentations. Our set up crew is integral to running our assemblies and special events for the school. The BLT (Baden’s Leadership Team) runs a number of activities within the school, including dances, Spirit Days, and  “Me to We” organizes our Food Drives. Grade 8 students look forward to graduation and a year end trip in June. There are additional trips and programs for each grade to correlate with the academic program.

Measures of Student Achievement and Success

Our students at Baden PS are very busy every day in a wide range of activities, both academic and extracurricular. These activities allow them to stretch and challenge their thinking and knowledge of the world, their artistic and musical talents, as well as their athletic abilities.

We also encourage our students to participate in volunteer experiences, which promote “giving back” to our school community. We have a number of ways in which we reward, celebrate, and acknowledge their efforts and contributions. One of these celebrations is our “Student of the Month” program in which staff acknowledges a student from each class, every month based upon the following characteristics: positive attitude, respect and responsibility, co-operation with staff and other students, consistently striving to achieve personal best, friendliness, consideration of others and helpfulness.

Awards are presented to grade 8 students at the end of the year to recognize excellence in academics, athletics, citizenship and contributions to the school community.

Student success is measured in a wide variety of ways at Baden. Student achievement is formally shared with parents on report cards three times a year and at scheduled parent/teacher/student interviews.

In addition to ongoing teacher assessment and observation, students take part in a number of formal assessments. EQAO provincial testing takes place in the spring of each year for students in grades three and six. Parents may visit the web site at www.eqao.ca to learn more about the assessment and view our school’s results.

School Improvement Plans and Initiatives

The Baden PS School Success Plan focuses on improving literacy and numeracy and providing a safe and secure learning environment for students. Throughout the year, the staff reviews, revises, and continues to develop our Plan. We continue to focus on critical thinking and on developing a positive growth mindset to ensure improvement in learning. Math is another new initiative we are focusing on as a school and WRDSB.

Our School Improvement Plan initiatives began with a focus on establishing school climate and building a cohesive school community. The plan has expanded to include a stronger academic focus on communicating thinking through authentic tasks. We are focusing on developing a growth mindset to support improved critical thinking skills through inquiry based learning.


Baden Public School is a unique and exceptional school. It is a warm, inviting and invigorating place. It emanates energy and a positive atmosphere. It is a place where students, parents, staff and community can come together and collaborate on a common goal – success for its students. Students who graduate from grade eight at Baden enter secondary school with a solid academic and social foundation.