School Council meets once a month during the school year, generally on the third Tuesday, from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.  Meetings occur in the Baden Public School library, and we welcome new members throughout the year!

At each meeting, School Council gets an update from the teachers and school administration on what is happening at the school, and things planned in the coming months. Members also provide advice on school operations. School Council organizes events and fundraisers to support the school community.

To get more information on what School Council is involved in, please click on this link BPS School Council Slide Show. Then come join us at our next meeting!

Previous School Council Meeting Minutes:

2024 – March Minutes
2024 – February Minutes
2024 – January Minutes
2023 – November Minutes
2023 – October Minutes
2023 – September Minutes

2023 – June Minutes
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Waterloo Region Assembly of Public School Councils (WRAPSC)

For more information about WRAPSC, please click here.
If you are interested in representing Baden Public School’s School Council at WRAPSC, please attend a Council meeting to inform us!

Previous WRAPSC Meeting Minutes

April 2024 – WRAPSC Minutes

Parent Involvement Committee (PIC)

The Parent Involvement Committee is meant to support, encourage and enhance the engagement of parents/guardians of the WRDSB in their children’s education, to improve student achievement and well-being.
If you are interested in being a member of PIC, there is an online application that is available here.